Why Yak?

If you like to communicate face to face, video chat is the perfect vehicle as people to people chit chat is now the norm. Video chat is used in board rooms, kids communicating with family members and playing video games with friends. Seeing is believing, and facial reactions are a big part of crucial discussions and connections.

But, there were several key elements missing. 

Was there a way to video chat and learn at the same time?
Was there a way to eliminate the clutter of having to open countless windows and tabs?
Was there a new method that would help establish positive group interaction?

Enter Yak Network

Gamification is defined as applying typical gaming elements to other areas of activity to stimulate engagement. This application of gaming elements into traditionally non-gaming activities has quickly worked its way into both corporate and leisure facets of life and is yielding great results. Yak capitalizes on this phenomenon and creates a solid platform to build on.

Our interactive games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. Along with leaderboards, brand focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest.

Yak utilizes a completely customizable interface that presents the material alongside a video image of your collaborators. The interface creates a certainty that all those working together are looking at the same material keeping everyone on the same page and maintaining a productive pace. This eliminates the time-wasting shuffle of making sure everyone is looking at the same thing and declutters everyone’s screens.

Our platform gets as close to a side by side interaction as there can be via video chat. Users get the benefit of attacking a problem and digesting new information while at the same time learning how their teammates process things. Understanding how others process information is vital to creating positive communication and interaction.

Everything and anything is on the table when it comes to customization, this allows us to deliver you a highly personalized experience. You can even opt to develop your own template which can be done through the Yak Network’s Dashboard, and question assets are also not limited to text as audio and video elements are easily implemented. We want our clients to have the freedom to apply their own signature and creativity to the platform.

We continue to research different areas in which our platform can be applied.
Currently Yak is funneling its focus into five major divisions. Select a division below to learn more.


Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak


The applications for Yak are endless, and we intend to always be on the lookout for a new way to utilize our platform. Whether it’s corporate team building, creating an ideal question and answer tool for a quiz, creating a community challenge game for websites visitors, or connecting dating site users, we embrace our broad range of possibilities. Yak Network is in the business of collaboration, and is changing the game of interconnectability.