Today’s gamers are a large and diverse demographic who are tech savvy and aheadof the curve when it comes to connecting with people online.
They form bonds and friendships through working together or even against each other on their favorite games. This demographic is set to help Yak Network make the leap from gamification, which incorporates gaming elements into non-gaming activities, to full on gaming. We are immersing ourselves into the gaming world and letting gamers guide us in what they can do with our platform.

The Yak Network’s patented tool is a multi-web cam interface that can be completely customized giving players the personal connection with the video chat and the efficient delivery system for challenges.

Let’s Yak games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. Along with leaderboards, brand focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest.

The amount of gamers streaming has grown at a healthy rate over the past three years. People are broadcasting themselves playing games over the internet and some are even able to generate income from doing so. Because the Let’s Yak interface was engineered with customization in mind, we can turn our members into game developers. With the interface in place, it’s easy for gamers to stream their Let’s Yak games live online. This way Yak game creators can cultivate an audience through Yak Network OR a streaming platform. We already have templates ideal for trivia and quiz challenges on any fandom a member can imagine.

Yak intends to channel creativity and the knowledgeable nature of gamers to expand theplatform’s potential, and additionally, our platform is a great way to create a game based around popular television shows, comic books or any fandom, the sky’s the limit!

Currently Yak is funneling its focus into five major divisions. Additional divisions are below.


Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak