Over the past decade, the way in which people date and form relationships has changed dramatically.
It is more and more likely that you will find a relationship partner through an internet based platform. Over 91 million people worldwide, and nearly 50 million people in the US have triedonline dating. Compare that to the current number of single people in the US which is around 54 million and anyone can see why online dating is booming and becoming the norm.

This switching of gears into the digital dating scene has come with great benefits, and people feel liberated to be honest with their intentions and expectations. This shift has also worked in the favor of those less socially inclined by no longer being limited to a stressful and often awkward face to face interaction right off the bat.

While large strides have been made, there are still crucial limitations in the digital dating world. For instance, initiation of contact often comes through written messages and unfortunately not everyone is an avid writer. A great many things can be lost in translation with just written communication. Another issue lies in browsing through profiles, you get one picture and a person’s best written interpretation of themselves, and again run into the issues that can occur with writing. There is so much emphasis on explaining and selling yourself and the truth is, humans are not products and you don’t simply purchase a relationship, you build one. This requires methods that let you show who you are instead of telling.

With Yak Network’s patented system, it can alleviate the limitations that come with typical online dating. Utilizing the benefits of gamification and high-quality video chat, our customized platform allows people to get game acquainted.

Let’s Yak Relationship games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. Along with leaderboards, brand focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest. With Let’s Yak completely customizable interface, we can cater the platform to the specific needs of any site making it inclusive to any type of relationship your site is wanting to build.

When people are engaged in a game, their focus is not fixated on who the person is they’re interacting with, but more so the interaction itself. With Yak, users can get a full scope of information about a person with minimal effort and no need to probe. They can see how they  solve problems, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and of course how they work individually, and as a team. The video chat elevates the interaction, allowing users to experience one another in real time turning those “lol’s” into the real deal.

Feedback for the dating application of Yak has been incredibly positive, below are some documented testimonials.

“It’s like a first date with built in conversation topics.”
“It is the ultimate icebreaker in a speedy world of short attention spans.”
“You get game acquainted”
“It engages people in a fun way with stress-free friendly competition.”

With Yak, the pressure is off! Users are having fun while learning so much about one another without even realizing it! Having theability to bring spontaneity and joy back into meeting someone new is overwhelmingly rewarding for us. Here at Yak Network we are proud and excited to bring people together while changing the game of positive connections.

Currently Yak is funneling its focus into five major divisions. Additional divisions are below.


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