Education has become more accessible than ever thanks to current technology capabilities.
Reaching students across the globe, educators can teach across oceans and countries with one click and virtual classrooms can bridge almost any gap and any subject matter. What’s most exciting is the range that virtual education has, there is no age limit for people to get educated via online classrooms.

The biggest criticism for online learning is effectiveness as results are still varied or not able to be properly measured yet. Watching a lecture online can be invaluable, if you’re the type of student that absorbs information effectively via lecture. Video chat services allow that crucial face to face interaction which is so vital for teachers and their students, but what if we could take it further? What if your video chat experience was more than just a means of visual contact? How can students and teachers enhance their online experience to make a session more efficient and engaging? Can a virtual education curriculum be catered to specific learning styles? How could a student or teacher do these things easily with accessible functions?

Combining video chat with a game platform, Yak Network created their patented information sharing method which has unlimited potential to change the dynamics of online education through the powerful tool of gamification.

Let’s Yak interactive games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. This allows members to have a choice between an intimate or larger scale experiences. The audience function also allows parents or professionals to observe sessions. Along with leaderboards, material focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest. Point systems are great for engagement and creating friendly competition if it is desired.

Whether it is a training session for a real estate license, a class on art history, or a college classroom pre-test, all of the features along with the interface itself can be customized to adhere to highly specific information.

Yak’s platform allows for both students and teachers to take the reins and build an interactive game or experience of their own with a dashboard that guides them to create exams with oral and visual elements. Students in study groups can create their own question and answer sessions to review material and a Yak Interactive game can focus attention and keep all participants at a productive pace.

Virtual classrooms are an exploding market, and the most exciting part is by utilizing Yak Network’s gamification platform, learning can be FUN AGAIN, for all ages! Keeping educational experiences, engaging and motivating, now students can attach a positive social experience to the information they are absorbing. Changing the game of learning is the innovation virtual classrooms need to be truly effective.


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