Yak Network is changing the game and reinventing the wheel of interconnectability.

Yak’s patented communication platform offers customized online information sharing Q&A games with video and audio streaming on any topic, any question, anytime.

gam·i·fi·ca·tion, noun – the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, to make the hard stuff in life fun.

Let's Yak Relationships

Imagine going on a real face to face first date without leaving the house where you can play a fun game that takes the pressure off. The Yak Platform creates unique and entertaining games for online daters to make meaningful “getting-to-know-you” connections.


Let's Yak Websites

Websites can utilize our API to incorporate our Question and Answer tool into their own site. This experience can be easily co-branded and would work well with any topical website, such as pet stores, sports, news, political sites, etc.

Let's Yak Corporate

Corporations can utilize our API in-house for a fun and engaging way to conduct focus groups, in-house training, or games to educate consumers about their products as they compare to the competition.


Let's Yak Education

Yak Network can be used to help prepare the next generation of students by offering an entertaining way to study and prepare.

Let's Yak Gaming

Yak’s platform turns gamers into game creators that allows them to create personable, interactive interaction that today’s gamers seek. Members can build trivia games or elaborate quizzes on their favorite fandoms, and that’s just the start!