Today’s workplace is reliant on technology and communication blending together seamlessly.
The trend of working remotely has exploded, in 2016, nearly 43% of Americans claim to have spent at least some time working from home or remotely. There is no sign of remote employment slowing and so companies must adapt. Even when everyone is working in house, there is a reliance on text based communication, and often communication is reduced to emails and IM’s. These methods are impersonal and easily misinterpreted when you take into account that people’s writing skills vary.

Companies also use high quality video chat services to bring back more conventional interaction. Video chat does solve the face to face issues, but is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building positive interaction. Video chat alone does not cover the spread of what is possible and quite frankly needed in today’s corporate work environment. There has recently been a shift to create collaboration that is more organic and engaging.

Now, peer to peer communication enters a new phase with Yak Network’s patented information sharing tool that combines video chat with gamification.

With Let’s Yak Corporate’s information sharing method, it has the potential to revolutionize how people collaborate within the workplace. Employers can now engage members in vital activities utilizing our multi-cam Q&A platform, and Yak Network’s interface is completely customizable allowing clients to tailor experiences to their brand.

Users are no longer interacting, they’re now collaborating in a fun and
competitive platform, and also moving as a unit at the same pace.

Let’s Yak interactive games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. Along with leaderboards, brand focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest.

Yak Network’s dashboard will allow corporations to create these challenges for the following applications:


Team Building



Ethics and

Focus Groups

Employee Meet
and Greets

Currently Yak is funneling its focus into five major divisions. Additional divisions are below.


Lets Yak



Lets Yak



Lets Yak



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Lets Yak