Getting a potential customer or client to click on your website can be a huge undertaking.
Today’s market allows for competition to pop up out of nowhere at breakneck speed. In today’s web market, it’s a full time job to maintain clicks and often requires a certain amount of investment. However, getting the click is just half the battle, the next challenge becomes getting them to stay and digest your content.If a site cannot retain visitors, all the investment made to get them there is wasted.

There is often a lot of information businesses want to relay to potential customers and clients. It is to everyone’s benefit that a site visitor be aware of everything a business has to offer. How can this be done without overwhelming the client? Is there an alternative to presenting site visitors with large blocks of text or videos spewing out loads of content?

Enter Let’s Yak Websites, a platform that focuses on positive and entertaining connections between video chat and the question and answer application of Yak’s patented information sharing method. This application is a highly effective tool that can transform and elevate interactivity with website visitors.

The Yak Network Method creates a scenario that is not just a wall of text, and the visitor is engaged and able to digest information at a reasonable pace while creating Q&A on any topic.

Let’s Yak interactive games can be played by 2-4-or 6 players participating in unlimited rooms, each getting a question and a turn to answer with the option of including an audience. Along with leaderboards, brand focused interstitials and point accumulation, participants can also redeem points in the Treasure Chest. With Let’s Yak completely customizable interface, we can cater the platform to the specific needs of any site making it inclusive to any type of information your site is wanting to include.

Now your content can be compelling and not burdensome, and pet owners, sports enthusiasts, and even trivia buffs can play a Yak Challenge Game on your website which is the perfect platform to meet, greet, and compete.  Additionally, the Yak question and answer applications also make for a great tool to collect data on potential customer and clients. This data can be invaluable to understanding demographics.

The Yak Dashboard is completely customizable
allowing clients to brand the interface.

There are also endless possibilities for how clients can format the Q&A for the users. For example, in between rounds, branded special offers and additional messaging can be shown. With the Treasure Chest function, you can reward consumer’s special discounts or offers for completing the session through accumulated points.

Building online communities has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage and encourage unique visitors to return. Let’s Yak is a far cry from message boards while still keeping visitors on your site as opposed to social media groups where people are bombarded by other things to look at. Now visitors are interacting with one another, making connections because of the site’s brand.

The Let’s Yak API allows websites to get creative with how they present information and Yak Network is committed to making sure clients get the most out of the tools provided. To enhance the community experience, Let’s Yak Websites is a “stay don’t go” fun and entertaining platform.

Currently Yak is funneling its focus into five major divisions. Additional divisions are below.


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