There are over 1,500 dating websites, thousands of topical websites, and
businesses that need to interface with new-to-consumer online tools.

Yak Network Inc. has developed and produced a question and answer tool that bridges the gap
between webcam interaction and a game show. With the social gaming market expected to
surpass $1 billion this year, and with revenue from virtual goods continuing to increase,
Yak Network is positioned to become the “new kid on a very lucrative block.”

Marci Rubin / Founder & CEO

Marci’s broad and diverse background allowed her to envision the appeal for the Yak Platform and pioneered its development.

Prior to Yak Network, she has worked in almost all creative fields, from creating and Executive Producing national programming for PBS, being a published book and play author, to a commissioned artist for international clientele.

Producing one-of-a-kind projects is Marci’s wheelhouse, her tenacity and drive ensures the success of any project with which she is involved.

Nick Collins / Co-Founder & CTO

Nick Collins is a seasoned full stack web engineer with over 20 years in the software industry. He has significant experience architecting, building, and shipping enterprise class web and mobile applications.

Nick also has significant experience on the creative design side as well, having designed for global brands such as Ford Motors, Wilson Sporting Goods, and AT&T.

He brings knowledge, leadership, versatility, agility, and a flair for innovation to the team.

Rebecca Rothschild / Lead Writer/Editor

Rebecca Rothschild is a professional writer with a broad resume and extensive game industry knowledge. With Yak she is in charge of shaping the narrative with her writing expertise.

Rebecca has been professionally involved in the game industry for eight years as a game journalist, QA tester and writer. Rebecca has several writing credits under her belt which include comic books and video games.

She will be at the forefront of the Let's Yak Gaming division.